In this article about furniture restoration, you will find detailed information and step by step instructions with explanatory photographs that show you how to polish a wood surface and shiny.

It is unusual to draw an equal sign between the nests and polish. These working techniques are similar in that a liquid mixture is worked into the wood. But there the similarity ends. When Bonar used special wax or oil, which are worked into the wood but still leaves the wood’s pores open. In contrast, processed cellulose polishing the wood with lacquer, grinding and polishing fluids until the wood’s pores are completely filled and the surface smooth.

It Bonar and polishes wood and partly to give the surface a protective film partly for the sake of appearance. Treated wood is given a special luster and wood species can be seen clearly. Polishing requires both time and patience, but if you have these qualities, you can get even old, badly worn furniture to see the shiny new out.

When restoring furniture, there are three types of polishing: French, American and cellulose polishing. American polishing involves spraying or underscores in several thin layers of special oil varnish. When the paint has dried the surface is treated with grinding and polishing to the desired gloss. French polishing is also called shell lacquer polishing and is thus a surface treatment with a shellackbaserad patina and the polishing pad.

Cellulose Polishing, as shown in our Möbelrenovering article, is a combination of the other two methods. This means that first, coats and grind the wood in two or more installments, then machined surface with hopdragningsvätska and polishing swab until the wood’s pores are completely filled and the surface is even and smooth. Nowadays, most furniture treated with plastic coating, which makes the surface durable and easy to clean. Before plastic paints founded treated many furniture instead of cellulose lacquer.

The disadvantages of this coating is that the surface is not as durable and sustainable, yellowing and cracking additionally with time. Despite these negative qualities can be a good idea to treat older furniture with this method. You get to paint and polishing technique until the wood’s texture and shine in a completely different way than with the modern clearcoat. This can sometimes be more valuable than the surface treatment capacity and lifetime.

The polished surface need not be mirrored. Would you rather have a matte surface processing it completely dry surface with very fine sandpaper, 800/1000. You can also use powdered pumice and bristle brush, which is an older method.

The powder, which should be very fine, sprinkled very thinly over the surface, which is then brushed in the wood longitudinal direction. If the surface is round or has insets, select the appropriate direction and working for this all the time. Brush off all the powder and assess surface shine. If you are not completely satisfied after the first treatment, continue the same way until you have received the matting you want. Antique furniture, that is, furniture made before 1900 century, is usually polished according to the French method, invented in 1810-20. This furniture restoration method requires, however, a touch that amateur hardly.


Be careful not to smoke or use matches in the same room as you work with eg cellulose varnish and white spirit These mixtures are flammable and thus implies a fire hazard. For the same reason, you should always, after work, burn all the rags soaked in solutions that can easily catch fire can get, even with good training. Want to give your old furniture this finish, you should therefore rather turn to a skilled artisan. Although cellulose polishing, as shown in Figure suite, requires touch, time, and patience of an angel.

Clean the surface thoroughly

Before you can begin Furniture restoration and surface treatment must table surface or furniture sanded very carefully so that all old paint or other surface layer disappears. If the object to be polished with cutouts should also be cleaned well. Use any ear sticks or toothpicks to access downstairs in the nooks and crannies.

In some cases it is not enough only sharpening. If the paint or varnish layer is thick, you can use a paint remover. When the paint or varnish is dissolved, remove leftovers with plastic or wooden scraper. It is easy to damage the wood when working with steel trowel.

To get a perfect result at the furniture renovation, make sure the surface is clean, smooth, dry and free of dust when you start. Then there is the “only” to sand, paint, scrape, sand, paint, scrape, grind, polish, polish and re-polish without losing patience. Then you get an end result, you can “mirror” of yourself.

The major difference between a hat and a polished surface is that the pores of the wood on the polished surface becomes only partially filled (top).


Furniture Renovation – Polished ytaEn polished surface has been completely filled pores and the surface becomes absolutely smooth and dense (bottom).

Worth knowing

To get an even and smooth wood surface in furniture renovation, replace sandpaper frequently. The finer the paper is the more often you have to change, because such paper quickly becomes full of dust. Before you begin to paint, it is important that the surface is dust-free. Even the venue where you are performing the polishing should be free from dust to prevent particles on the newly painted surface.

When you make poles sudden it is important that it will be hard without being dumb. Sudden is too loosely rolled on the “float out” in hand on you. Use one or two men’s socks of pure wool, for example, wide strips of an old linen towel. Do not tie the eraser without shaping the rags to a solid handle. Then it will be easier to fill with new fluid.

Hopdragningsvätskan dissolves paint something and polishing forcing down the paint in the wood pores. It is for this reason that grovporiga wood may require several polishes before the surface is fully covered, while the fine pore rarely require more than two rounds.

When to polish a veneered surface, keep in mind that this does not have as large grinding allowance. Therefore, use a more fine-grained paper to this surface.