In this article you will find detailed information, do it yourself instructions and explanatory photographs that show you how to work and cut glass.

Most of today’s home owners rarely have cause to themselves to grips with cut glass. In any case, it seems generally consider this. Even simpler jobs transferred usually on the glass master. Have the other hand, an older house with some odd shaped windows, or for example a vacation far away from the glazing, it is both practical and economically viable contingency glass quickly to repair the damage. It is not as difficult as you think to cut glass.

Sooner heard spare glass nearly to the ordinary household equipment. If a wind would tear up a window or mismatched football to the road through a closed box would damage quickly repaired. For many home owners, such a hedge be of great use even today. You would not have to provisionally cover broken windows. It would also avoid many times completely unnecessary transportation and labor costs.

Moreover, one can in more hobby stressed contexts have good advantage of being able and daring to deal with glass, for example, be able to put glass in a picture frame, cut to a bench or table top material. You do not need to invest a lot of money on expensive tools to cut glass. Actually, you only need a great ruler and a glass cutters. Neither one or the other will cost a fortune. Nowadays, you can choose from cheap cutter and more advanced with hard metal cutter. The latter is comparable in price with glaziers’ diamonds.

For round, oval and figure cuts are part special, but in most cases you can manage even such works using stencils that you can cut into the cardboard or cut into thin plywood. An important part of the equipment is steady and not too hard and rigid surface. But even this is reasonably easily arranged. A thin blanket, a piece of cardboard or soft wood fiber board is usually all that is needed.

Actually, it is not particularly difficult to cut the glass, but it requires of course that is easy on your hand and make it a habit to always keep clean on the work table. Sheep, for example, glass residues remain, it is easy for an otherwise neat cutting work is impaired by scratched surfaces. Splitter and larger grains of sand can cause the glass to shortcomings in the wrong place. If you are a beginner, you are wise to, before you tackle more advanced work, practice on the glass that is not so valuable.



A comfortable springy bed of glass works is to add a few layers of newspaper over a table. But always make sure the surface is free from glass debris. A single plate lifting 40 kg. For easier lifting eg round glasurtag can use ordinary toilet plunger.

Worth knowing

When you use a glass cutter with a pulley, you can use the cutting sound whether you are the tool correctly. The disk will emit a slight whistling sound, but the father did not squeak. A glass to be framed must always be cut to 1-2 mm clearance around. Penetrates the glass in the fold crack sooner or later. So called for cuts of narrow strips are very difficult to do.