Burning wood

Are you one of those who now and then want to vary too polished life in terms of your furniture? In this case, you can use a very simple method to give a bit of age patina to such träklädda walls and ceilings, some other interior and one or other unpainted, perhaps avlutad Furniture. “Antique Treatment” simply go out on the burning of wood with a propane burner that highlights the wood grain.

Obviously there are strong reasons to make use of modern technology in our homes. To renounce this would not only make life cumbersome and inconvenient, but also involve an unnecessary and unacceptable waste. When we, for example, use of advanced methods of heating and ventilation systems, we keep down energy costs and improving the overall environment.

And the more we allow the machines to over the counter, laundry and similar necessary daily routines, the more time is left for more comprehensive employment. Nevertheless, many people need an anchor in the time period and often in a “primitive” environment in each case approaching an existence so unvarnished, for example, hunting and fishing provides a sense of self.

“Wilderness Romance” says an occasional critic and sneeze maybe on the nose, but more or less pronounced ambitions in this direction are often accompanied by strong and valuable tradition of conservation initiatives. Desires do such actions including an increasing number of homes that have the appearance of the past log cabins and robust, trävita furniture, which for centuries have reflected Nordic folk character, periodically become the height of fashion.

Even if it costs a lot of money refrains also growing – especially in homes – from the wallpaper and ceiling tiles easy to decorate with wood paneling and thus ensure a more authentic environment. The snag is just that it takes a few years before, for example, pine panel darkens and gets the luster per tradition. Nor shall it any further “help” of soot from inrökande
stoves and reeking of kerosene lamps.

It is in that situation you can to modern technology to help and with a gas flame imitate former times “sotdekor” as becoming entrenched in the wood surface hard annual rings and gave the interior a relief-like structure. When you are “cheating” until this effect by burning with an open flame blackens the hard growth rings while the soft, remain bright.

One might think that with glaze or stain could achieve the same effect, but this is not the case. Rather than sucking the soft growth rings up more of the color, the grain almost “disappear” in an almost monochromatic surface. The equipment you need is very simple. In addition to the gas burner with a flat tip or burner does a wire brush, or a rough scrubbing brush.